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Greentree Group Publishers (GGP) was established in the year 2014 with the aim to disseminate scientific information related to field of Ayurveda, Nursing, Plant Sciences, Drugs and Herbs. Since 2014 GGP has been innovative in it approach, provding services as per the need of our customers including Academicians, Research Scholars, Scientist etc from all over the word. The information is shared in the form of Publications, Webinars, Video Lectures, Presentations and Information and Communications tools (ICT Tools) etc.

GGP is soon going to be digital. GGP Digital will provide all kinds of training necessary for teaching and learning. So that all our viewers are updated with time and not lagged as compared to others. We are committed to keep you posted with knowledge and latest information related to your field.


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Webinar-1 and 2:"How to write a Research Paper"- Publication Process and Information 

Webinar-3: "Role of Yoga and Naturopathy on Immunity, Pulmonary and Mental Health: An Overview of Scientific Evidences
Webinar-4: "Creating Animations, Videos and YouTube Channel usingSoft Tools - A Need of 2021" Date-7 June 2020


YouTube Channel

Recently we have started our new Youtube Channel so that all those who have missed our previous Webinars can watch them later at any place. The channel will be updated from time to time with various useful videos so keep yourself SUBSCRIBED

CLICK HERE Greentree Group Publishers YouTube Channel

CLICK HERE YouTube Channel of Dr Vidhi Bapna (Chief Editor IJAPC)


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The opinions or views expressed on this webcast and in the journal articles are those of the presenters/authors and do not reflect the opinions and recommendations of the publisher, journal, guest editors, or supporters. Articles may discuss pharmaceutical or ayurvedic products and/or use of products that have not been approved by the any regulatory authorities inside India or outside India. Dosages, indication, and methods of use for compounds that are referred to by the presenters/authors may reflect their clinical experience or may be derived from the professional literature or other sources. For approved product information, consult the manufacturer's prescribing information or the applicable regulatory authority. Jurisdiction -The parties submit all their disputes arising out of or in connection with this Journal to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Nadiad, Gujarat, India.


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